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Buddha’s Ministry (First 20 Years) by  Ms Tan Lai Kheng
 Buddha’s ministry lasted for 45 years
 During the time, he walked widely throughout the Northern Districts of India. 
 But during the Vassana, he generally stayed in one place and preached Dhamma to the people.
 Vassana  :  Rainy season starting from Jul to Oct / Nov (3 months).
Place of Vassana /Events
Year 1 - Deer Park at Isipatana, Baranasi (Benares)
No special place for him to reside

Birth place for the Sangha Society
Convert Yassa and his 54 friends
60 disciples send to propagate the Dhamma

Year 2,3 and 4 - Bamboo Grove, Veluvana Monastery (Rajagaha)
Rajagaha during that time was a centre for philosophy

Came here because of King Bimbisara’s request before enlightenment
Admission of 30 young men into the Order
Admitted Kassapa Brothers, Sariputta and Moggallana into the Order
Sudatta / Anathapindika – chief lay supporter of Buddha who built the Jetavana
Monastery at Savathi for the Buddha

Year 5 - Pinnacled Hall, Vesali
King Suddhodana fell ill
How He overcome the rude Sakyas
Dispute over River Rohini
The Order of Nun
Year 6 - Mankula Hall
Performed the Twin Miracle under a mango tree
Year 7 - Tavatisma Heaven
Preach Abhidhamma or the Higher Doctrine to the deities headed by his mother
Preach the same to Sariputta who then repeated it to 500 monks
Year 8 - Bhesakala forest
Year 9 - Ghosita Monastery, Kosambi
Conflict within the Sangha led by Ven. Devadatta
Year 10 - Parileyakka forest
Served by an elephant and a monkey which latter passed away and reborn in the Tavatisma Heaven
Year 11 - Village of Ekanala
Converted Brahmin farmer Kasibharadvaja (Kasibharadvaja sutta)
Year 12 - Veranja
Introduction of Vinaya rules
Year 13 - Caliya Rock
Listed down important things for meditation practice :

A good friend
Virtuous behaviour guided by the essential precept or training
Good counsel / teacher
Acquiring the wisdom on the rising and falling of thing

Year 14 - Jetavana monastery, Savathi
Higher Ordination of Rahula
Year 15 - Kapilavastu
Death of King Suppabuddha, the father of Yasodhara
Year 16 - City of Alavi
Taming of Alavaka, the demon that devoured human flesh (Alavaka Sutta)
Year 17 - Veluvana Monastery, Rajagaha
Auction of Sirima, a beautiful courtesan
 “Behold thus painted image, 
 a body full of wounds, put together, diseased, 
 the object of thought of many, 
 in which there is neither permanence nor stability” (Dhammapada 147)
Year 18 & 19 - Caliya rock
Expounding Dhamma to a weaver’s daughter (Year 18)
 “Blinded in this world; 
 Few here clearly see. 
 Like a bird that escape from the net 
 only a few go to a good state of existence,” (Dhammapada 174)
Year 20 - Veluvana Monastery, Rajagaha
Framing of the Buddha by heretic monks
Conversion of Angulimala
Admitting Kisagotami into the Nun Order
King Bimbisara’s adoption of Nun Kassapa’s son

Driven by compassion, the Buddha expounded his teaching 
without keeping back what was required for man’s deliverance from Samsara.

Perfect enlightenment 
is not the prerogative of a single chosen being by a mighty God. 
It is an achievement open to anyone 
who earnestly strives for purity and wisdom.

        “By oneself is evil done;
        By oneself is one defiled;
        By oneself is evil left undone;
        By oneself is one purified;
        Purity and impurity depend on oneself
        No one can purify another”
Do not believe any being can give you instantaneous Nibbana. 
The Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha is your constant guide in your strive to Nibbana.