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Dhamma Vandana - Homage to the Dhamma

Svâkkhâto Bhagavatâ Dhammo
The Dhamma of the Blessed One is perfectly expounded;
Sanditthiko Akâliko
to be seen here and now; not delayed in time;
Ehi-passiko opanâyiko
inviting one to come and see; onward leading to (Nibbana);
paccattam veditabbo viññuhi ti
to be known by the wise, each for himself.

Dhammam jivita pariyantam saranam gacchâmi
Until life's end, to the Dhamma I go for refuge.

Ye ca Dhammâ atitâ ca - Ye ca Dhammâ anagatâ
The Dhamma of the ages past, the Dhamma that are yet to come,
Paccuppannâ ca ye Dhamma - Aham vandâmi sabbadâ
the Dhamma of the present time, forever do I revere.

Natthi me saranam aññam - Dhammo me saranam varam
No other refuge do I seek, the Dhamma is my refuge true;
Etena sacca vajjena - Hotu me jayamangalam
by the speaking of this Truth, may peaceful victory be mine!

Uttamangena vandê'ham - Dhamman ca tividham varam
I revere with my head, the triple Dhamma true;
Dhamme yo khalito doso - Dhammo khamatu tam mamam
if the Dhamma I have wronged may the Dhamma forgive me.